Truck Insurance

Like all motor vehicles, trucks are required to be covered by insurance. But some peculiarities should be noted. First of all, with a weight greater than 3.5 t, trucks require a special permit (C permit), and specific insurance. To obtain the appropriate guarantees, it is essential to turn to dedicated insurance. We detail the main characteristics of these contracts, and we give you the keys to compare truck insurance contracts online before taking them out.

Insurance to drive a truck

Truck insurance covers damage to the vehicle, but also to its driver, to the goods transported and to protect possible victims (depending on whether the formula is third-party or at all risk). Truck insurance does not work exactly like automobile insurance, and precise information is required by insurers in order to offer a tailor-made contract, taking into account the risks specific to driving a truck.

For example, it is necessary when taking out a truck insurance contract to provide a lot of information about the vehicle itself.

In addition to the age of the vehicle and its mileage, insurers ask for a complete description of all the elements that the truck has.  Depending on whether it is intended for the transport of goods, moving or even deliveries of a different nature, the truck may be fitted with specific accessories.

Types of truck insurance: temporary and permanent

There are two main forms of insurance for trucks. Permanent insurance, and temporary insurance.

Permanent truck insurance

This is the insurance intended to cover trucks that transport goods. This insurance can be basic and cover only civil liability (third party contracts) or be complete with all-risk insurance. In all cases, all the documents mentioned above must be presented in order to obtain a contract. Permanent truck insurance can be taken out directly from an online insurance comparator.

Temporary truck insurance

Temporary truck insurance concerns vehicles in transit through a specific territory.

It can also relate to the trucks used for the move. Temporary insurance can be taken out for a period ranging from 1 to 90 days as a general rule, and the scope of the cover concerns all European countries and certain other states outside Europe (on a case-by-case basis depending on the contracts). Temporary truck insurance can be purchased faster than permanent insurance.

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