Motorhome insurance

For your safety, the insurance of your motorhome is compulsory even if you are going on board for only a few days. You must take out a temporary contract to prevent your vacation budget from going up in smoke in the event of an accident. And even if the vehicle does not belong to you, that you have rented it.

If your motorhome is insured, you can go on an adventure with the peace of mind. Otherwise, not only are you illegal but also you risk having a bad stay, with compensation or repairs to pay. Indeed, you will not be protected in the event of vandalism, accident, or natural disasters. By using our online comparator, you will have access to a wide range of offers. With this tool, you will find the provider you need in just a few clicks.

Which formula should I choose?

This contract is very flexible. However, its guarantees are more numerous than those of simple car insurance.

Among the optional guarantees, we distinguish:

  • legal protection
  • 0 km assistance in the event of an accident or breakdown
  • covers against fire, theft, glass breakage, etc.

If you are taking valuables in your motorhome, it would also be preferable to take out contents or personal effects guarantee. With a fairly limited budget, you can be satisfied with third-party insurance. However, it only covers damage caused to others. Note that no additional costs are required for a departure abroad , provided that the destination is part of the countries where you are covered.

Use an online comparison and choose the best offer

An Online insurance comparator will save you time and money. In the blink of an eye, it will give you access to a list of quality providers. By using it, you will also be able to find a lower-cost contract.

It is necessary to open a motorhome insurance contract even if you do not plan to drive more than a week this summer. This must be adapted to the use you want to make of it but also to your budget, your conditions, and your preferences.

With the help of an online comparator, you will quickly find out which insurer is best for you. You will also discover the formulas that best meet your expectations.

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