Auto insurance by the kilometer

As all drivers know, auto insurance is compulsory. But why pay the same premium as for a daily car when yours only run occasionally? A perfectly justified question. So, to satisfy policyholders, professionals have found a formula that is well suited to a limited frequency of use.

The principle of “Pay as you drive” is perhaps already well known in the world of auto insurance. But often, when choosing coverage, we can not forget the characteristics of this rather special formula. The professionals have therefore taken the trouble to summarize all the information on their comparison and present all the interesting offers in order to help future policyholders.

The originality of the km guarantee

Km insurance was first applied in the United States. Professionals have adopted it since the early 2000s, but the practice only arrived a little later in France. The calculation of the amount is based here on the mileage performed per year. A scale will be fixed in the contract and varies depending on the insurance (between 5,000 and 8,000 km in general). And thanks to a GPS unit installed in the passenger compartment, we can know exactly the number of kilometers in question.

The aim is to reduce the price of premiums for owners who use their vehicles very rarely or have many cars.

As regards guarantees, the usual formulas will also be adopted. As with a classic formula, third-party liability will be the minimum choice. Comprehensive insurance will be the best and those who wish to benefit from other options will always be able to access intermediate or additional offers.

What are the advantages and how to take out a car insurance policy by kilometer?

According to the insurers, this form of the cover allows more than 40% savings compared to traditional offers. But auto insurance per Km is subject to certain conditions which, if not respected, can significantly increase premiums. The prices will be fixed according to the appreciation of the professionals and a flat-rate option is sometimes suggested with the “Pay as you drive”. Finally, since each formula has its particularities, professionals have drawn up a list according to the characteristics and the prices in force (in particular via our comparator). The future insured will only have to compare the offers of the brands and submit his situation in order to obtain a quote.